missing emails

It seems that some of my emails have gone awry and some have been
delivered multiple times. I see some of my blog entries were duplicated.
I fixed them from the internet cafe early this week. So, sorry if some
of my replies have gone missing. If you sent an email directly to me, I
replied. I guess some of them are lost in the ethers.

We’re still in Suva. We thought we’d leave today, but the weather isn’t
co-operating. The winds are blowing from right where we want to go and
blowing hard. This seems to happen in every port.

Oh well, we still have Fiji dollars to spend. We’ll go out to dinner to
a nice place to try and get rid of them.

Susan really loved Superman Returns. I had a good time too, but she’s
way more enthusiastic than me. We both loved Kevin Spacey as the new Lex
Luther. The new Superman was good too.

The formalities here have been trying, but we’re through them. We’re
planning on heading directly to New Caledonia, skipping Vanuatu due to
time constraints. However, if the winds blow us there instead, we’ll
take it.