Still Friday

It’s still Friday. I spent all day avoiding the downpours in Sydney on Friday and I arrived  in Honolulu on Friday morning. I got back that day we lost when we arrived in Tonga. I think it was a Sunday we lost. I’m happy to have it back as a Friday.

I didn’t do much in Syndey during the rain, but shop. That was indoors. I thought about going to the movies, but I couldn’t find anyting playing I really wanted to see.

I did make it to the boat show during a  lull in the rain. I found Susan’s next boat: a $2millon Catana catamaran. It was sweet. There weren’t many cats at the show. I did go into an equally impressive monohull, a Swan. Actually, it probably cost more.

The airport shuttle was 20 minutes late, but I still got to the airport in plenty of time for my flight. The flight itself was uneventful, I even slept a bit. The plane was pretty empty and I could curl up into the seat next to me too. It took a couple of hours before I got it right and then I did sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours. Which is practically a miracle for me.

One of my bags has gone missing, along with 12 or so other people’s bags. Hawaiian Airlines is looking for it. Half of the French lion head soup bowls Susan bought me are in there, along with my CD of pictures and other souvenirs. I have hope they’ll find it since so many bags went missing

It’s good to be home, I’ve got laundry going already. Clean, unsalty cotton clothes are a luxury.