A day in the Kitchen

For some reason I got really domestic today and made a few things and got started on others in the kitchen.

Yesterday, passing by the olives in the olive bar at the Berkeley Bowl West they seemed to call out to me. Todd English’s Olive’s Olives popped into my mind right away. For a while they were always in the house, but that was years ago. A quart container of mixed olives ended up being $11. Eek. P1050073They’re so good marinated though and the leftover oil is super for dipping bread. I made the full recipe of the marinade but only used half the olives. I’ve done that before and it works out fine.

I roasted some beets given to us by a friend from their garden. I also made cookie dough for some cookies we’re taking to a Halloween party on Saturday. I will post about that separately.

Dinner, pictured above, is from the current issue of Everyday Food. A broccolini and feta galette. The dough is made with olive oil and so it turned out very crunchy, but a bit tough. Howard wasn’t as big a fan of the dish as I was. Doubt I’ll make it again.

I was at Safeway today and found pork tenderloins for a steal. They’re not from our CSA so I feel a little guilty. My Ohio frugality won out. Oh well, time to go take the silver skin off of them so I can start Jacques Pepin’s Pork Tenderloin Saucisson.

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