Stella’s Cake

She ordered a chocolate one. But what to make? I asked what the theme of the party was and the answer was spring flowers. How many are coming? 45 or more! I decided to make my first multi-tiered cake, but not really knowing what I was going do. I quickly got online and ordered some gum paste flowers. That sure made things easier. A check of the cake pans I have revealed that I could make a round one without buying new pans. So, that was settled.

I also knew I wanted to cover it in rolled fondant. I always buy it from the party store. I think next time though I’ll make my own. The recipe I read was easy enough and the author says it’s much tastier. It wouldn’t take much to be so.IMG_8778

Flowers, multi-tiered, it screamed of wedding cake. What can I do to make it more fun? I used bright colors and decided to make lopsided, leaning cake. That’s the top layer to the right, with it’s mocha buttercream frosting, before the fondant covering.

In the end, it turned out great and tasted good too. Even though she didn’t say much Stella dug in and ate big piece. Her sister Lilian came back for more, but was a little too shy to ask me. Her mom didn’t think it wise for her to have more, but I snuck her one last little bite.

IMG_8972 IMG_8971

Note to self: make less than what the recipe says. I made 45 servings and there were about that many people, but there was tons left over. I didn’t think about the kids having such small servings.


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